VegFest Guelph 2016

We ended our Sympathy at Slaughter summer exhibition at Veg Fest Guelph. What an incredible afternoon! The venue was jammed packed with a positive energy just vibrating throughout the crowd. Live music and rescue dogs everywhere! 

I share some of the most meaningful conversations I will ever have at these events. Your acknowledgement and support truly means the world to me. 

Kingston Veg Fest 2016

We had an amazing day exhibiting Sympathy at Slaughter at Kingston's 1st Veg Fest! The day was a complete success. It was such a joy to see a room continually full of individuals wanting to learn more about Veganism and how to help animals. 

When we first arrived at the festival, we were in a space that deterred our ability to hang the beautiful new banner you see in the background below. It was such a pleasant surprise when we were able to relocate across the way to hang out new banner proudly illuminating in the sunlight. 

Toronto Veg Fest 2016

Wow! Toronto Veg Fest was a weekend we will never forget! At the last minute we managed to acquire a full booth instead of sharing a space. The night before the festival, Taylor and I rearranged and acquired extra materials that were needed to fill the space. We managed to utilize two sides of our booth space- Doubling our impact for animals! It was such an honour to have so many people approach the booth specifically to show Sympathy at Slaughter support. 

Toronto Veg Fest was a huge success for Sympathy at Slaughter and a personal highlight of my summer. It was an amazing and enjoyable experience. Thank you so much to everyone who came by our booth to support my work and Sympathy at Slaughter. This experience will continue to warm my heart. 

Animal Rights National Conference 2016

It was an absolute honour to exhibit Sympathy at Slaughter at the Animal Rights National Conference in Los Angeles, California. 

We shared some of the most meaningful conversations I will ever have. It was an absolutely privilege to share my work and all that Sympathy at Slaughter has accomplished. 

One of the greatest aspects of the conference was being surrounded by so many like-minded people doing amazing things creating change for the animals!

Sympathy at Slaughter can't wait to reconnect with everyone next year for the Animal Rights National Conference 2017 in Washington, DC! 

Niagara Veg Fest 2016

Niagara Veg Fest was our first time exhibiting Sympathy at Slaughter. We shared some of the most meaningful conversations this day. I am so proud of what Taylor and I accomplished all on our own! We sold Sympathy at Slaughter logo stickers and buttons, Hannah's photography, exhibited Sympathy at Slaughter video footage and planted meaningful seeds in people still inching towards Veganism.