See Me Not Meat began as Sympathy not Slaughter over 5 years ago when Hannah locked eyes with a pig in a transport truck.

Hannah operated as Sympathy not Slaughter for years, making connections and collecting footage of animals at farms, in transport and at the slaughterhouse; Offering her sympathy and love, right before the animals disappear and she is forced to say goodbye forever. 
Sympathy encourages one to feel sorry for another’s situation. Empathy goes beyond sympathy encouraging others to understand the feelings of another because they are experiencing it for themselves or bearing witness. Empathy creates a deeper connection, serving as a bridge for communication, understanding and connection between humans and animals.

Hannah keeps her promise to the animals that she will do whatever she can to help. 
Hannah believes the most effective way to help these animals is to gently expose who they are and what they are going through— To allow these animals a voice and the opportunity to be heard.