"What Is She Thinking?"

"Get off the road you idiot!" A woman yells out of her car. 

I wonder if she would feel differently had she seen their faces for herself- the faces of the animals trapped inside. I wonder if she would be right there beside me fighting for their freedom. 

"Get off the road- What is she thinking?" I say to the pigs. "I'm so sorry"- With all of my heart. 

Truckload Of Pigs "Dead On Arrival"

These animals are suffering due to the overwhelming brutal conditions due to heat, dehydration and exhaustion. Crammed onto 18-wheelers, pigs struggle to get air and are usually given no food or water the entire duration of their day-long journey. Multiple pigs in this video are dead before arrival- they will still be processed for humans to eat. All that matters to this industry is if their bodies are still eligible enough to be produced and consumed for profit. 

Pigs Have Human Eyes

Pigs share a number of surprising comparable traits to humans. 

We both have hairless skin, a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, light-coloured eyes, protruding noses and heavy eye-lashes. When I look into a slaughter-truck I am always struck by the sea of different coloured eyes staring back at me. This pig in particular is someone I will never forget.