My Mission

Hannah documents her connection with animals and their experience in transport. Ethical Empathy is opening eyes to save lives- making a difference for animals by capturing rare emotional expressions- both human and animal. Empathy is drawing vital attention to the urgent need for the protection of food animals by generating the empathy required to build a massive shift in public view.

"Hannah is the eyes and ears for the world so that one day we will awaken to the endless suffering caused to these creatures."

Ethical Empathy
exposes rare and story-telling footage of animal’s last moments bound for slaughter. 

Ethical Empathy strives to make a difference raising awareness and sympathy for animals raised on invisible farms far from major Canadian cities who are transported long distances under inhumane and extremely difficult conditions to their final destiny, the kill processing plants across Ontario. Our federal government transportation regulations fall far short of regulations in the United States of America and the European Union.

Hannah is making a difference for animals in her role as a dedicated and effective Animal Rights activist, mainstream social media influencer and compassionate leader. Hannah receives never ending praise for her compassion, commitment and strength offering her sympathy and love while documenting animals bound for slaughter. Collecting, creating and sharing content that makes a difference in the world. Hannah is creating change and influencing the masses by exemplifying compassion, encouraging empathy and embracing her genuine passion for what she believes in.